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Environmental sector

The growing concerns over environmental issues over the last decades has favored the development and impulse of environmental activities and the expansion of the environmental sector oriented towards the restoration of sites altered by man, as well as the prevention of the environmental impact of industrial activities. .  

Bioiliberis R&D provides effective BIO solutions for:


  • Treatment of burnt soils or of other heavily contaminated soils.

  • Treatment of leakages from  fuel storage tanks.

  • Treatment of industrial waters contaminated by hydrocarbons.

  • Naval sector with interest in water quality, marinas, leisure ports and fish farming.

  • Treatment of urban waste waters for the removal of fats, proteins, organic matter and detergents.

Agricultural sector

Modern agricultural is currently demanding the use of natural BIO pesticides and fertilizers instead of the more conventional and aggressive chemical products. Bioiliberis R&D has developed natural products, using microorganisms that facilitate seed germination, plant rooting and growth while protecting the plant/crops against pathogens due to their antifungal properties.

  • Stimulate seed germination, the growth of ornamental plants, trees, shrubs and horticultural crops in general.

  • Protect against pathogenic fungi.

  • Ensure green production of plants and crops.


Bioiliberis R&D maintains an active R&D program through its national and international research projects supported by national and European grants and Research Institutions. The company has its own dynamic research lines.

Bioiliberis R&D is fully committed with the environment, agriculture and society, always looking for the best biotechnological applications for the different target sectors, bearing in mind the optimization of the available resources and their enhancement.

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